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Augmented Mini-Stim IVF

We also offer a version of Mini-stim IVF that is closer to conventional IVF  than our routine Mini-stim, but still uses much less medication.

(Routine) Mini-stim IVF

With our routine version of Mini-stim IVF, our objective is to produce one or two mature eggs.  This works best for most women over age 38.  A key idea behind it, is to trigger ovulation as soon as one follicle is ready so that we can prevent damage to other follicles or avoid a pre-mature ovulation before retrieval.  After age 38, the amount of medications used is usually increased with conventional IVF and becomes the primary cost.  Many of our patients have achieved pregnancy at about 1/4th the cost with this version of Mini-IVF compared to doing conventional IVF.  We have not seen a difference in the pregnancy rates (in this age caegory).

Augmented Mini-stim IVF

For augmented Mini-stim IVF, our objective is to produce three or four mature follicles.  In order to do this, we need to obtain more control over ovulatory mechanisms.  This requires using additional medications (antagonists) to enable us to safely lengthen the cycle.  We are still using low doses of gonadotropins so we continue to benefit from decreased side-effects of these medications.  This has become our usual approach for most women under age 35.  It really is a scaled down conventional IVF cycle, which patients can always choose to use instead of IVF.  It will have a lower pregnancy rate than conventional IVF, but conventional IVF then always remains an option if this does not work.  A significant proportion of patients will get pregnant with this approach at about half the cost of an IVF cycle.