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Mini-stim IVF

What does gentle IVF have going for it? (other than cost)


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Special prices for gentle IVF procedures at Infertility Solutions, P.C.

from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015

Gentle IVF procedures include our IVM and our Mini-IVF procedures.    Most patients could choose one of these approaches before routine IVF.

During this time period, our charge for the IVF component of these procedures is $5000 (for self-pay patients only).  This includes both ICSI and assisted hatching (AH) as needed.  (Many IVF programs add charges to their packages for these procedures.  A charge of $2000-$2500 is typical for ICSI.)

Note that the IVF component of an IVF cycle is only part of the total cost of an IVF cycle.  Other costs include medications, medication monitoring (ultrasound and blood test visits), and anesthesia.  About half of our patients will have insurance coverage for some of these components even if they have no coverage for IVF.

The following assume that the patient does not have insurance coverage for any component of IVF.  Those components charged by our practice are only guaranteed at these prices from January 1, 2015 through June 30, 2015.

TOTAL cost of IVM or Mini-IVF:

IVF component- $5000

Monitoring component- $910-$1700 (maximum)

Anesthesia component- $600

Injectible Medication component*       -IVM:  $327- $681**

                                                        -Mini-IVF:  $323- $946**

Total (self-pay) cycle cost              IVM- $6672- $7581**

                                                           Mini-IVF- $6793- $8246**

* These prices are based on the lowest prices available from the online fertility pharmacies at the time this information sheet was prepared.  Local retail pharmacies charges are twice as high.

**Some patients will require more medication, but this is uncommon.  At times it is convenient to obtain more medication for when the online pharmacies are not open and medication needs are uncertain.

You may save an additional $500/cycle by signing up for our multi-cycle discount plan.  A second benefit of using he multi-cycle discount plan would be to extend this special offer for several cycles if you need them.