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The cost of IVF

More advice on managing medication costs

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Medication costs for conventional IVF

Generally, the best chance at attaining a pregnancy in a single IVF cycle occurs with conventional IVF.  This is likely to be true because of the more aggressive use of medications with conventional IVF compared to gentler forms of IVF like IVM or Mini-stim IVF.  These medications maximize the number of mature eggs we have to work with.  Unfortunately these injectible medications are expensive.   Fortunately, many patients have at least partial insurance coverage for medications.

We used data from 21 prior patients undertaking conventional IVF to estimate costs of the injectible medications required for a cycle of conventional IVF.  Patient injectible medication needs varied widely.  Overall they averaged $3761 per cycle.  However, actual patient medication use had a range of  $1613 to $7875 per cycle.  Perhaps a more useful way to look at this is with percentiles:

                                                      25% of patients  paid less than $2634

                                                      50% of patients  paid less than $3292

                                                      75% of patients  paid less than $5280


Prices for the medication used are based on the lowest prices available from the online fertility pharmacies at the time this information was prepared.  Local retail pharmacies prices average twice as high.  At times it is convenient to obtain more medication for when the online pharmacies are not open and medication needs are uncertain.