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It contains information about Infertility Solutions, the science behind various infertility issues (sperm problems, ICSI, assisted hatching, IUIs, tubal occlusion, ovulation induction, etc.) and information about how Dr. Rose approaches infertility and IVF. There frequently is more than one correct way to do things in infertility. Dr. Rose's approaches are based on his understanding of reproductive physiology together with his personal experiences with infertility. These web pages try to show the kind of thinking that goes into helping patients decide on their most appropriate next directions.

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Infertility Clinic introduces new IVM retrieval needle

Infertility Solutions, P.C. becomes the first fertility clinic in the Lehigh Valley and in Pennsylvania to utilize the Steiner needle for IVM egg retrieval.

October 1, 2011. Infertility Solutions, P.C. now offers an improved method of egg retrieval for IVM (IVF together with in vitro maturation) using a new needle developed by Dr. Hans-Peter Steiner in Austria. This needle enables the rinsing of very small follicles, which are the source of eggs for IVM. Rinsing with a traditional IVF needle would likely cause the loss of eggs rather than enhance egg recovery.

Enhancing egg recovery is one way of increasing success with IVM. "This was the reason I was willing to travel all the way to Ganz, Austria to see Dr. Steiner in action. I watched him retrieve eggs from ten women, but it was clear from the first case that his invention is the wave of the future for egg retrieval in difficult IVF/IVM cases," says Dr. Bruce I. Rose.

"We are one of very few programs in the United States to offer IVM," Infertility Solutions explains. The infertility clinic also had the "first pregnancy using IVM in Lehigh Valley/NE Pennsylvania," which is an accomplishment they hold much pride in.

This IVM procedure is of great importance for a variety of reasons. The primary advantage is that, overall IVM is much easier on the patient. A patient makes fewer trips to the infertility clinic because less blood tests and medication injections are required. This cuts time, pain, and costs-- all pluses for the average patient. For patients with PCO, who all have a significant risk of ovarian hyperstimulation with conventional IVF, the use of IVM is strongly indicated since it eliminates the risk of hyperstimulation (which in rare cases can be life threatening).

For more information on the IVM treatment, please visit the Infertility Solutions, P.C. website at www.infertilitysolutions.com. Out of town patients can also call 1-877-258-2217.

About Infertility Solutions, P.C.

Infertility Solutions, P.C. operates two infertility clinics in Pennsylvania. Bruce I. Rose, Ph.D., M.D. originally founded the company in order to provide specialized treatment to women with reproductive issues and couples who are experiencing problems associated with infertility. They specialize in performing speedy yet thorough evaluations of infertile couples in order to offer the best means of in vitro fertilization for each individual case. As a result, they aim to make pregnancies occur as quickly as possible. To learn more about the infertility clinic, please visit their website at www.infertilitysolutions.com.