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Patients share their experiences with IVM

Patients share their experiences with Mini-stim IVF

Patients share their experiences with IVF

Excerpts from patient questionnaires

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Patient Experiences

It is difficult to know what going to a new doctor is like and it is especially hard to go to a new infertility doctor for the first time.  We asked some of our patients to share their experiences to help introduce us to you.

Excerpts from patient questionnaires and letters

Can you describe your experience here?


Did you learn about your issues from this visit? Did you understand the doctor’s explanations? 


If you saw another doctor for infertility before coming here, can you compare the experiences?



What worried you most before coming here?


Honestly, I had researched the Dr's background and wasn’t worried at all, just excited to get started.

What was most valuable or useful about his visit?


How supported were you by the infertility office and staff?


 We were treated like family. Any questions, or concerns were always addressed quickly and with compassion.


Is there anything else that you think people should know about us or about infertility care?



Recent letter

Dr. Rose and Staff,

     Well from the birth announcement, you can see that our darling M has been born!  I wanted to take the time to thank you for the special part you played in bringing her into the world.  Even though we did not become pregnant through a treatment, you and your staff were still playing a huge roll in our pregnancy.  Thank you specifically to Ruth!  During the first trimester I was terrified of having another miscarriage.  Every time I would call you and tell you what my progesterone levels were, you always gave me such hope!  Always calming me down and giving me confidence in the pregnancy.

     Infertility Solutions gave S and I hope that one day we would experience the joy of a baby.  Even though we never knew exactly how that would happen, we were always given hope.  I will never be able to express how much S and I needed that hope when parenthood seemed so far away.  M is now a happy and growing 2 month old baby and we could not be enjoying parenthood more!  Thank you.

Additional comments