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Mini-stim IVF

The cost of Mini-stim

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Multi-cycle discount package for Mini-stim IVF

The best way to achieve pregnancy with Mini-stim IVF is to undertake an adequate number of tries.

The objective of this Mini-stim IVF package is to make Mini-stim IVF more affordable and to encourage the use of repeat cycles if needed to achieve pregnancy.  This package requires that the patient pre-pay for three Mini-stim IVF cycles to receive a discount of $500/cycle. If you get pregnant without needing all three cycles, you will get a refund of all your unused funds.   You can drop out prior to getting pregnant and get a refund for unused services, but you will then loose the discount.

This package pays only for Mini-stim IVF/IVF medical procedure codes. For these codes, you may NOT use your insurance. However, you may use your insurance for other charges.  Medications, anesthesia costs, and costs associated with ovulation induction are not included. ICSI and assisted hatching are included. Cryopreservation is NOT included, but is rarely needed. If you do not have insurance coverage for the ovulation induction, we also have a package price for it. Although we cannot provide a package price for the medications you require, we can direct you to low cost pharmacies.  Compared to conventional IVF pharmacy charges are very low.

The charge for this package is $13.500. If you only require one cycle to achieve pregnancy, you will be refunded $9,000. If you require a second cycle before achieving pregnancy, you will be refunded $4,500.  If a cycle is cancelled after aspiration, but before transfer, it will count as a cycle, but you will get a $500 refund for that cycle. If you wish to drop out of the program before achieving pregnancy (for example, after the first cycle), you loose the discount. You will be refunded the program fee less $5000 for each cycle undertaken.

If you are comparing our charges to those of another program, be aware that this package also covers all charges for ICSI, assisted hatching, and extended culture. In many programs these procedures are not part of the package price, but are commonly used in the IVF program and may significantly increase your costs. 

Similar discount packages exist for on IVM cycles and our conventional IVF cycles. It is also possible to more from one package to another.  (We adjust costs if you move to a conventional IVF cycle.)  Please contact us directly for more details.