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Special Limited Time Offer for IVM

Qualifying patients can undertake an IVM cycle for $5000.  IVM is an advanced version of natural cycle IVF , but is much more successful.  The discounted cycle must be completed by July 31, 2015.  Covered charges include all IVF coded procedures from the egg aspiration through the embryo transfer.  This is a self-pay fee and you may not use your insurance to pay it.  Other cycle costs are anesthesia, minimal monitoring and minimal medications.  You may use your insurance if it covers such costs.  If you don't have insurance coverage, these could cost up to an additional $2500.

What is IVM?

IVM is an IVF-type procedure in which eggs are harvested from the ovaries prior to stimulating them and then are matured in the laboratory.  In contrast, for conventional IVF, the patient is treated with high doses of medications to cause eggs to mature within their bodies. Once mature eggs are available in the laboratory, they are fertilized the same way with conventional IVF and with IVM.  Embryo transfer is the same for both procedures.

Advantages of IVM over IVF

Some of the advantages of IVM over IVF are:

-the hormones produced by the ovary are not increased over natural menstrual cycles

-shown to be safer than IVF

-more convenient than IVF

        -blood tests are rarely needed (since the ovaries are not stimulated)

        -fewer pelvic ultrasound exams and office visits are needed

        -there are few injections

-always less expensive than IVF

-success rates similar to conventional IVF (in our program)

Qualifying patients

To qualify for this discounted rate, you must be under age 35, have a partner with sperm, have a normal uterus, and have multiple small cysts (antral follicles) in your ovaries.  Most younger women and women with PCO have a large number of small cysts (2 to 9 mm) in their ovaries and will qualify for this discount.

Why are we making this offer?

In the United States, about a hundred thousand conventional IVF cases are done each year.  We estimate that at most several hundred IVM cases are done.  We are currently one of the most experienced IVM providers in the United States, but we still wish to increase our IVM procedures.