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It contains information about Infertility Solutions, the science behind various infertility issues (sperm problems, ICSI, assisted hatching, IUIs, tubal occlusion, ovulation induction, etc.) and information about how Dr. Rose approaches infertility and IVF. There frequently is more than one correct way to do things in infertility. Dr. Rose's approaches are based on his understanding of reproductive physiology together with his personal experiences with infertility. These web pages try to show the kind of thinking that goes into helping patients decide on their most appropriate next directions.

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Infertility Solutions achieved pregnancy using a new In Vitro Maturation technique

CLARKS SUMMIT, Pennsylvania (March 10, 2010) - Infertility Solutions, P. C. announced the first successful pregnancy in NE Pennsylvania using in vitro maturation (IVM). The patient was a 28 year old woman with infertility. Eggs were harvested from her without the use of medications to stimulate the growth of eggs in her ovaries. The immature eggs obtained were matured in the laboratory and then fertilized using IVF (in vitro fertilization) techniques. The resulting embryos were transferred into the uterus and a single embryo implanted and showed viability by demonstrating its heartbeat.

"This is a major advance for patients who qualify for this procedure," said Dr. Bruce I. Rose, medical director of Infertility Solutions, P.C. "By not using the medications that are traditionally used as part of an IVF cycle, the patient saved about two weeks of blood tests and intensive monitoring with ultrasounds and blood tests. We are excited about this procedure, because by saving the cost of the medications and associated monitoring, IVM is about half as expensive for the patient as IVF."

The first delivery reported of a baby conceived with IVM was in 1991. Yet, only a few thousand babies have been born using this technique worldwide over the last ten years. The medical literature was not unified about how to best achieve pregnancy with IVM, but recent publication of larger studies have shown better results likely related to both patient selection and laboratory management. The technique used by Infertility Solutions was "programmed IVM" in which no fertility drugs (gonadotropins) to stimulate the ovaries to grow follicles (cysts containing eggs) were used. Most reports in the literature involved patients in which either endogenous gonadotropins or medically prescribed gonadotropins were used.

It is expected that IVM will complement Infertility Solutions' IVF program. In good prognosis patients, it will significantly decrease the cost of the procedure as well as make it much more convenient for the patient to undertake advanced reproductive technology procedures. Infertility Solutions, P. C., with offices in Allentown and Clarks Summit, provides a broad range of infertility care options including both traditional therapies and advanced reproductive therapies. For more information, please visit us at www.infertilitysolutions.com.

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