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Our IVF Laboratory

Laboratory quality plays a major role in distinguishing IVF programs from one another. Our laboratory integrates a PhD-MD with experienced embryologists. Our embryologists are hands on experts rather than supervisors of technicians.

Human embryos are sensitive to contaminants at the molecular level. Appropriate screening and quality control of air, media and any equipment that comes in contact with the embryos need to be constantly undertaken. For example, we are especially concerned about molecular contamination of our air and the laboratory utilizes redundant systems to provide a clean air environment for our patient's embryos. The laboratory utilizes multiple different filters to optimize air quality.

We have both reduced oxygen controlled and regular incubators. We compulsively and redundantly assess laboratory temperatures and media pH.  We do not contract out to have our embryology done in other locations and we do not have doctors for other practices use our laboratory. All IVF laboratory procedures are done in Allentown. We strongly feel that our ability to improve and control the laboratory environment is important for achieving superlative results.

Donna Laky is our primary embryologist and the supervisor of all our associated labs. She has been working in reproductive technology labs since 1994. Her experience encompasses both small and large laboratory settings. She is experienced in embryo micromanipulation, including ICSI, assisted hatching and embryo biopsy.
In order to optimize laboratory results and try to benefit from the advantages of both small and large laboratory experience, we frequently also utilize other embryologists in our lab who are primarily based at other programs. We do this to keep our approach to IVF "fresh" and to benefit from the experience gained by seeing large number of patients. Some of the embryologists used in this way include: Lynette Scott, PhD, Joe Sokoloski, Ric Ross, and Gail Overby.

For example, Joe has been involved in a long term consultant role. Joe acts as a senior associated embryologist. Joe enables us to build on our strengths as a small IVF program, providing individualized treatment in a more personal environment, while giving us some of the strengths of a much larger program (such as a greater wealth of experience and contacts with individuals in touch with the pulse of this specialty). Joe set up his first IVF program in 1983. He has participated in thousands of embryology cases and has helped start many IVF programs. He has worked with many of the early leaders of American IVF such as Martin Quigley and Don Wolf. He has written many papers, abstracts, book chapters, and video presentations.

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