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Tips for getting through an IVF cycle

Successfully achieving a pregnancy may require you to be able to get through one or more IVF cycles which can be very stressful events.

More than half of the people who drop out of IVF therapy do so because they can not handle the stress of a cycle. One tragedy is that about half of those people could have left with a baby.

You need to choose your program carefully. Pregnancy rates are important, but are not the whole story. A recommendation from your physician is desirable, but it is unlikely that he or she has personally experienced the program. You need to evaluate it yourself. This web site tries to share some of the approaches and ways of thinking that we think are important. You should go through our pages and look for a program with similar qualities.

The most important thing for you to do is to treat yourself well during your IVF cycle. Usually this means cutting back on your normal work. Our cycles are structured so that you can plan ahead for this. Most patients take off the week of egg retrieval. How you decide to "treat yourself well" is an individual thing and it partly depends on how you personally react to life stresses. For some patients, we recommend counseling, acupuncture or massage.

Experiences of other patients can also be useful to consider and adapt to your situation. We recommend your reading the patient generated IVF tips from the "Fertility plus" web site.   For experiences from this IVF center, read some of the responses to a questionnaire completed by our patients.