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Topics Involving Sperm

Surprisingly, sperm are rather poorly understood. This may be because they are simultaneously simple and complex. Sperm are DNA delivery packages. Sperm are like lottery tickets where not all tickets can be winners (capable of fertilizing eggs). Yet, generally, the more tickets you possess, the more likely you are to win. The analogy is stretched a bit, in that only a small proportion of the sperm can actually fertilize an egg even when the sperm finds one. The more of these fully functional sperm a man possesses, the quicker pregnancy is likely to take place.  As we try to understand this in more detail, some of the complexity in the situation becomes apparent. The sperm that can't enter the egg were not made quite right even though they possess normal DNA. It takes about 75 days and involves the production of a hundred different proteins (some not produced elsewhere else in the body) to make a sperm. To produce that winning sperm, these proteins must be produced in the right amounts at the right times to individually re-model a normal looking round cell into an efficient targeted DNA delivery agent with unique cellular functions within the body

Knowledge is power. Hopefully some of the topics listed on the left will help you understand sperm and sperm issues a bit better.